Bait Dye

Fish prefer LIVE bait because it moves, tastes and looks natural. In an effort to attract a fish’s attention, artificial baits are painted in various colors. Now anglers can get the best of both world’s… LIVE bait in one of four colors: gold, orange, pink or purple. The colors adheres to the outside of the bait in as little as five minutes. The dye is biodegradable, and if used as directed, will not harm the bait or the fish that eat the bait. Works on minnows, shad, shiners, chub, shrimp, mullet, herring, suckers, squid and more!

- Available in 4 popular bait colors: gold, pink, purple and orange
- 4oz bottle dyes up to 200 2” LIVE minnows
- Attracts more fish
- Simple to use
- Environmentally safe