Vicious Vision Premium Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are more than a fashion statement, they're serious tools for a serious job: protecting your eyes and enhancing your view of the experiences you immerse yourself in. Vicious Vision® delivers an experience unlike any other.

Experio UV™ Delivers The Best Vision Under The Sun
Experio UV™ lenses aren't just ordinary sun lenses. They help you see more no matter what you're doing outside, providing excellent clarity of vision all while protecting your eyes with a superior quality lens. Several layers provide maximum UV protection and minimize distracting glare from the back of the lens. With an E-SPF® index of 50+*, this design makes these lenses ideal for outdoor activities and helps safeguard your eyes for years to come. To learn more about this amazing lens technology, click here.

Choose The Right Lens Color
Choosing the proper lens color is a critical step in making sure your new sunglasses perform the way you want. See what our experts have to say about which color might be right for you!