Who is Vicious Fishing?

Thank you for your interest in Vicious Fishing! As a family owned-and-operated brand, we truly appreciate you even taking a few minutes to learn about us.  

The Vicious brand was started in 2006 by JBS Fishing, which was located in Dora, AL. In 2018 long time employees, Greg and Cori Meunier, purchased the brand and moved it to their hometown of Newburgh, Indiana. Being well-versed in the history of the brand, they were able to hit the ground running. In just a short time owning the brand, they have grown the company by nearly 350% and increase exponentially the number of shelves now showcasing their products. The brand has sold over 1.2 million spools during their ownership. They focus the business on offering products anglers really want at prices they can afford while servicing the brand under the mantra "treat others the way you want to be treated."

Greg, Cori and their two children, Lexi (15) and Eli (13), are an active family unit much like their customers. When not working, they enjoy following their kids' passions which include English Equestrian Shows and golf for Lexi as well as football, wrestling and lacrosse for Eli. Outside of these busy year-round hobbies, they spend a lot of time in the outdoors hunting, fishing, and gardening. 

Vicious Fishing offers a large selection of products geared primarily to the every day angler. With mono as small as 1lb test up to 250 lb test braid, there is a Vicious line to catch just about any fish. The staples include braid, mono and fluorocarbon. The top sellers for the brand are the hi-vis Panfish mono, 100% Fluoro and a standard green braid. But this doesn't mean there aren't super-premium offerings. The Vicious No-Fade braid was one of the industry first to offer a braided line that maintains it's color for the life of the line and the Vicious Tora Japanese Fluorocarbon touts a lower strength-to-diameter ratio (up to 20% lower diameter). The reality is that Vicious has a stable of proven lines to fit just about any situation.

We keep things simple -- no minimums, good standard terms and margins that allow our dealers to make money selling fishing line. Simply email Greg at Greg@GetVicious.com or call him at 812-453-5373.